Vaxxinova Diagnostics GmbH is your competent partner for diagnostic questions and solutions for livestock.

In addition to diagnostics, Vaxxinova Diagnostics GmbH carries out the identity check and typing of bacterial isolates on behalf of Vaxxinova Autogenous Vaccines GmbH. For questions regarding preserved isolates and vaccine compositions, please contact the team at Vaxxinova Autogenous Vaccines GmbH in Cuxhaven.

The strain management is the link between diagnostics and vaccine production. All important information on the preserved isolates is collected here. A good, autogenous vaccine is based on the quality of the isolates used. Therefore isolates are only added to the production process after prior quality control.

Strain submission form – general

Strain submission form – poultry

Strain submission form – swine

Additional poultry diagnostics are carried out by the DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited veterinary laboratory of LDG GmbH in Cuxhaven.

LDG Laboratory Diagnostics Germany GmbH
Abschnede 64
27472 Cuxhaven|

In close consultation, the diagnosis and initiation of suitable measures and the forwarding of isolates found for vaccine production are carried out.