Research & Development

Vaxxinova Research & Development GmbH in Münster is part of the global R&D organization of Vaxxinova International, consisting of R&D sites in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Japan, Brazil, USA and Chile.

Vaxxinova Research & Development GmbH focuses on the design, development and production of new vaccines to protect species like chicken, turkey, salmon and swine against diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites.

To protect animals against known, emerging and new diseases, our research team aims to generate new strategies for all aspects of vaccine development. R&D Münster also focuses on innovative antigen production methods.

Small teams of researchers with different areas of expertise closely collaborate on our ambitious goals. Research projects involve multiple areas such as molecular biology, serology, tissue culture, bacteriology and virology. We combine established technologies with new technological developments in tissue culture, molecular biology and vaccinology.

We also closely work together with the other Vaxxinova R&D sites and cooperate with national and international research institutes and universities.